I write for video games, but for some reason I get asked a lot by my peers whether I actually play games. This never happens in circles of novelists. No one ever asks me, “so do you… read?” But in gaming circles, the conversations go like this:

Colleague or Journalist: So do you… play games?

Me: Yes.

CoJ: Like what? What do you play?

Me: Recently I enjoyed [a couple of games that stood out]. But I play many games, as much as I can.

CoJ: On what platform?

Me: All of them except Nintendo for now.

CoJ: Like what? iOS?

I tend not to enjoy these conversations because I’m not much of a cataloguer, and these conversations mainly occur on press junkets or business trips, while I’m trying to concentrate on the game I’m promoting or making, through a thick fog of jet lag and often some kind of headache. And, I instinctively reject invitations to justify my existence, which can be a real conversation stopper.

Nevertheless, it’s a listy time of year, and testament to my love for this form, the first thing I want to do on my first day of vacation from the game company I work for is reflect on the games I played over the last 12 months, and link out to some games I really enjoyed. I’ll mark my favorites with a loving (*) and reserve the right to add the games I forgot when I remember them as soon as I hit “publish.”







Paper, Ink, Glue, Wood and Plastic

On deck, but I won’t get to them before 2013 because I can’t stop playing XCOM


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