Get moving, your way!

Based in Montreal, I’m an Online Personal Trainer for game devs and remote workers in Canada.

Train online, in your space, with a custom programme and personal follow-up. Find creative solutions for small spaces and limited equipment.

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Is this you?

  • You’re working remote from home, at a computer
  • You’ve worked out before, but during the pandemic, it’s been harder to get moving
  • You know you want to move more, but you’re having trouble sticking with a routine
  • Winter is coming and you’re worried about feeling trapped inside

1-on-1 online training

  • We’ll work with your goals, equipment, preferences and needs
  • We’ll assess your posture and movement patterns
  • We’ll develop a personalized programme, designed for your mind and body

Your goals and preferences

  • Hate running? You don’t have to run. 
  • Don’t have weights? We’ll use body weight and resistance bands.
  • If you have a favourite sport, we can incorporate it.
  • We’ll get creative together to find solutions that work.

Why I train

I didn’t expect to be here. I was your classic picked-last-in-gym-class kid. But secretly I was into cycling, rollerblading, and swimming. I coached kids in skating, and referreed soccer games, wracked by impostor syndrome. I picked up dance as an adult, and threw my heart into it– while throwing out my shoulders. Working at computers, I slowly accumulated a long list of things that hurt all the time. Then I piled on the stresses of game development. Everything hurt.

It was hard to get help. Doctors dismissed my pain. Trainers overloaded my injuries. A voice in the back of my head said “maybe you really aren’t made to move.”

But we’re all made to move– even when it doesn’t feel that way. We all deserve to feel our hearts pump, lungs expand, limbs stretch, muscles tighten and release. Whether it’s sports with friends, the draw of a beat, lifting heavy things, or a brisk walk on a bright fall day, movement is a fundamental human right. There’s not one type of person that deserves it more than another.

I began to study personal training, to figure out how to help myself. Now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned. Join me, and let’s learn together.

Jill Murray, smiling and wearing glasses in a grey hoodie.

Jill Murray